All Destiny 2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (2024)

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I promise you we won't talk about Fenchurch.

Tess Everis runsDestiny 2’sEverversestore, where players can spend their Silver or Bright Dust to acquire a rotating collection of cosmetics.

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Tess’ stock changes at reset every Tuesday, bringing in new offerings, and Destiny 2 fashionistas probably have their eyes glued to the Eververse calendar. Bungie recently changed its API formula, which previously allowed websites likeTodayinDestiny.comto spot exactly which items were coming and when so they could build a comprehensive calendar. But now, players can only know ifa certain item is coming for Bright Dust this season.

Here is theEververse store rotation based on data from and the weekly offerings. Bear in mind that Bungie can change these items at any time.

Destiny 2 Eververse rotation, calendar, and items this week

All Destiny2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (1)

The Final Shape kicked off with Echoes in tow. The game’s 2024 expansion and first episode brought a series of new Eververse offerings into the calendar, including new ornaments for Exotic weapons and armor, plus shaders and other cosmetics. Some of them will be sold for Bright Dust this season, while players may have to wait a few months to see the others appear. Here’s what Tess Everis is selling this week.

Week three (June 18 to 25)

Featured Bright Dust items

  • Sparrow Getaway Exotic emote
  • Intrepid Inquiry Bond (Warlock)
  • Intrepid Exploit Mark (Titan)
  • Intrepid Discovery Cloak (Hunter)
  • Spider projection
  • Aces Full of Kings shader
  • Cloudstriding Couture shader

Bright Dust Offerings

  • Iridescent Death (Crimson ornament)
  • Circling Sharks Exotic emote
  • Rocket Stomp Exotic emote
  • Assembly Stinger Exotic ship
  • Seafoam Glide Exotic sparrow
  • Egregore Ghost Shell
  • Memory of Bruce projection
  • Bruised Blush shader
  • Lilac Bombast shader
  • Vibrant Medusa shader
  • Whispered Sheen shader
  • Jade Coin Effects transmat effect
  • Ketch Flight Entrance transmat effect
  • Cannon Fodder transmat effect

Eververse schedule: Ornaments that will be sold for Bright Dust this season in Destiny 2

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings throughout the year. We’ve mostly included weapon and armor ornaments, with a few miscellaneous items as our picks. Bolded items are new items or rarer items becoming available for sale.

Armor ornaments

These armor ornaments are available for Silver in the Eververse store but will be sold piecemeal throughout the episode. These offerings may change.

  • Intrepid sets—Season of Opulence Eververse set with individual pieces sold for Bright Dust
    • Intrepid Inquiry set (Warlocks)
    • Intrepid Exploit set (Titans)
    • Intrepid Discovery set (Hunters)
  • Omega Mechanos sets—Season of the Undying Eververse sets sold as individual pieces for Bright Dust

Weapon ornaments

  • One Shot (Still Hunt ornament)
  • The Lost, Found (Khvostov 7G-0X ornament)
  • Tritone (Euphony ornament)
  • Augmented Apotheosis (Divinity season 23 ornament)
  • Gilded Cage (Whisper of the Worm season 23 ornament)—sold
  • Dreaming Clarity (Monte Carlo ornament)
  • Spacetime Weft Leviathan’s Breath ornament
  • Erinyes-SG1 (Conditional Finality ornament)
  • Raging Lepus (Jade Rabbit ornament)
  • Beachheader VI (Merciless ornament)
  • Braytech M6 (Forerunner ornament)
  • Objective Reality (Trust ornament)
  • Noble Burden (Dead Man’s Tale ornament)
  • Sudden Squal (Sturm ornament)
  • Iridescent Death (Crimson ornament)
  • Necrosis (Recluse ornament)
  • Blissful Ignorance (Felwinter’s Lie ornament)
  • Doubt (Trust ornament)
  • Shapeshifter (Wendigo GL3 ornament)
  • Alone, to be Joined (Drang Baroque ornament)

Items that will not be sold for Bright Dust this Destiny 2 season

The items on this list are based on data from Bungie may change these offerings.

Armor ornaments

  • Exotic class item sets
  • Dungeons & Dragons collab armor sets
  • Previous collab armor sets (The Witcher, Mass Effect, and more)
  • Truth of Being (Solipsism ornament)—Warlocks
  • Ascleipeion (Speaker’s Sight ornament)—Warlocks
  • Aeonian Emptiness (Mataiodoxía ornament)—Warlocks
  • Hellenistic Principle (Stoicism ornament)—Titans
  • Momentous Potential (Hazardous Propulsion ornament)—Titans
  • Illogical Falacy (Wishful Ignorance ornament)—Titans
  • Offensive Realism (Balance of Power ornament)—Hunters
  • Sincerity (Gifted Conviction ornament)—Hunters

Weapon ornaments

  • Fifty-Third (Ace of Spades ornament)
  • Aldrovandra (Witherhoard ornament)
  • Opalized Nobility (Rat King ornament)
  • Solstice ornaments
  • Unconditional Love (Conditional Finality ornament)

Ships, sparrows, and other notable items

  • Mischief Bringer Bundle (Rat King-inspired items)
    • Ratkin Shell
    • Mischief Ship
    • Pack Rat sparrow
  • Armory Reforged Bundle (Black Armory themed)
    • Eclipse Hunter ship
    • Azimuth Runner sparrow
    • Penumbral Shell
  • D&D items

Are Eververse items pay-to-win?

Outside of some easily obtained consumables and the odd ornament that changes iron sights, the items in the Eververse store have no impact on gameplay.

As most Destiny 2 veterans will tell you, however, fashion is the true endgame. Eververse is generally the place to go to give your guardian the best looks in the Tower—especially if you’re shelling out the free Bright Dust currency.

All Destiny 2 Eververse items this season | Full calendar and rotation (2024)
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